12 Tips to Select the Best Outdoor LED Flood Lights and Manufacturers

12 Tips to Select the Best Outdoor LED Flood Lights and Manufacturers

You are having the lights project available, or finding the tender that is related to your company. Exactly how can I select the best outdoor LED flood lights from the best manufacturer?

There are several substandard goods in the market, how can I determine them? Since CFL and halogen lights are going to be banned in Europe, it is high time to replace the typical lights such as steel halide, HPS, LPS as well as halogen with LED flood light.

And you will certainly see majority of the lighting tender includes LED substitute. LED is currently extensively used in our daily lives, such as outdoor sporting activities field lighting, storage facility lighting, road & tunnel lighting, and so on.

How to choose the best LED flood light manufacturer? Experienced manufacturer

Experience is one of the most straightforward proof of whether a manufacturer is qualified or not.

However at the same time, possibilities are that a few of them may give false claim.

To check the year of establishment of a LED business, we can look in the authoritative site.

For instance, if you are acquiring the flooding lights from Chinese factories, one of the method is that you can enter into alibaba.com web page to see how old this distributor is.

But if you cannot can that company listed on Alibaba, it doesn’t mean that it is not qualified manufactures.

Because for some professionals companies, they are not counting on Alibaba, they have their ways to promote their products, such as SEO, google, blog, forum, etc.

Warranty of LED flood lights

Apart from looking at how many years of service warranty can they supply, we also need to be careful of if they genuinely supply the support within the warranty duration.

In fact, there are numerous suppliers that shirk their duties to the customers, such as incorrect setup, wrong places and etc.

Nonetheless, we provide prompt assistance to the consumers within or perhaps outside the service warranty period. It is due to the fact that we strive to develop the long-term & healthy company relationship with our customers.

Own R&D team

This is necessary when it comes to selecting a good provider. High power LED flood illuminate to 1000 to 4000W is a relatively brand-new modern technology in LED lights area (beginning with 00s).

If the companies develop the flood light on their own, they will certainly recognize their product extensively, and also therefore they can offer you the best illumination opinion and also tips when utilizing the lights.

MFG LED Lighting is a flooding light manufacturer possessing a seasoned R&D group. All of our products are created and also fabricated by our designers as well as employees. Our target is to make the current as well as best flooding lights for every exterior or indoor large areas .

High adaptability

All projects have various demand, such as brightness, variety of fixtures as well as poles, setup elevation as well as various other special needs. In order to perform the very best lights solutions for sports area, industrial or commercial lighting, we need to make sure that the flooding light adapts to the adjustment.

At some time our customer will chance the demand prior to closing the tender. What the very best manufacturer should do is to have high adaptability. We always be receptive and also pay attention to our clients.
How to choose the right outdoor LED flood lights?

Quality LED Chips & Driver

Quality LED chips & Driver for flood light

For the leading brand names in this sector like Bridgelux and Cree, they master the most advanced technology such as SMD and also COB for their LED chips, and thus the malfunction rate is very low.

However you will expect that the cost is higher. It is extremely advised to choose the LED flood lights that utilize the mainstream chips producer.

High luminous efficiency

This figures out the prolong of power saving of your LED lights. “Lumen per watt” is the unit indicating the power performance. For instance, a LED with 150 lumens per watt mean 1W power creates 150 units of light and illumination. As well as for this reason, you will certainly understand that the lights with 150 lm/W is a lot more power conserving than 120lm/W.

Right beam angle

Light beam angle suggests exactly how spread the light would be. For the high mast or high bay application, if the light beam angle is wide, although the uniformity is really high, the ground illumination is extremely low.

On the contrary, too narrow beam of light angle makes the lighting harmony extremely reduced because it produces several “spots” despite of its high illumination. And thus, there is a best balance in between harmony and brightness. Our designers are proficient in doing the photometric evaluation and also therefore assure far better lighting result for any kind of kinds of jobs.

Good heat dissipation

good heat dissipation led flood light

It stays clear of the LED flood light being damaged as a result of overheating. A good heat sink must be made from pure aluminum which has high heat performing rate of 238 W/mk– higher the value, higher the conductivity rate. The heat conducting price of die cast iron is only 54.4 W/mk.

When it concerns the architectural layout, an excellent heat dissipation system ought to be consisted of enough air ventilation flow inside the lamp. As you can see from the above photo, there are hollow framework and also room between each row of LED chips to assist heat transfer from the light body to the surrounding.

After that, the heat dissipation location ought to be large. The heat dissipation system has thick light weight aluminum fins range to speed up the air conditioning process, and also thus secure the flood lamps.

Waterproof of outdoor flood lights

IP65 is a must. For some environments, IP67 or IP68 is called for such as underwater fountain lights or fishing lights.

Apart from straight water immersion when using the lights, the IP65 rated flooding lights can function under the inclement weather, which is crucial in outdoor sports area, flight terminal, road light and also even more.

Extra tips on sports flood lighting

There are 3 extra tips for you regarding to sports field lamps.

Color rendering index (CRI)

High CRI LED Flood Light

This is an index showing you how well the color will be revealed under a certain illumination. In sports lighting, CRI 70 or 80 is acceptable. But sometimes we will need extra high CRI of 90 to 95 for art gallery, museum or broadcasting.

Glare rate (light leakage)

Which is rarely mentioned yet it is also vital for sporting activities lights– too much leakage will irritate the target markets as well as gamers, it also decrease the brightness on the targeted areas.

Our flood lights adopt the advanced lens that concentrated the beam to the area we desire as well as minimize the light leakage by 50%.

Flickering issue

Although flickering might not be observable by naked eyes, it can be considerable under cams, especially slow motion.

Our flickering rate (lumen fluctuation amplitude) is much less than 0.3% of the overall lumen, and for this reason also the 4K TV broadcasting electronic camera will not have recognizable flickering if the sporting activities field utilize our LED flooding lights.

If you would like to get the lighting design and free photometric analysis, please do not hesitate to contact us

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