B Series Solar Street Light is an Integrated type of Solar street lights with a solar panel of 50 / 70 / 100Watt, 30 / 40 /50 Watt LED with 180 Lumens/W and 3.2 volts 40 / 60 /80 Ah LiFePO4 battery. The solar panel guarantees a lifespan of 25 years and the battery can last up to 4 to 6 years. The in-built MPPT controller helps regulate the voltage and protects the battery from overcharging. The solar panel capacity is relatively more which reduces the charging time and the light can run for the whole night.

Solar street light switches on automatically when darkness is detected and works at 100% brightness for the first four hours and remains on at a lower level of brightness for the rest of the night. This light is best suited for localities that require night-long illumination while saving energy. Since the panel is a separate unit and can be connected to the luminary with minimum wiring, it can be fixed at an angle where direct sunlight falls on the panel for the most part of the day.

B Series Solar Street Light Product Features:

The light never turns OFF no matter how many rainy or cloudy days.
The light can be installed from Equator area to Polar region.
The Working temperature is -20 to 60 deg C.
Integrated design, modular production and one screw installation.
The product is used with a high-efficiency LiFePO4 battery which is usually used for an electric bus.
Integrated package and convenient transportation.
The Characteristics of this LED street light is unidirectional, no light diffuser, to ensure the validity of illumination.
The lamp body uses flame retardant materials, impact resistance, vibration resistance and protection grade reaches IP65.
Wind resistance coefficient is 8, the Seismic coefficient is seven.
Green environmental protection, no ultraviolet ray and no infrared ray, no radiation and soft lighting efforts, no stroboscopic, the frequency can be.
High efficient and long lifespan; driven by the latest control driver, the integrated intelligent power controller, Waterproof

all in two solar street lightB Series 60~80W Solar Street Light
all in two solar street lightB Series 60~80W Solar Street Light
all in two solar street lightB Series 60~80W Solar Street Light
all in two solar street lightB Series 60~80W Solar Street Light
all in two solar street lightB Series 60~80W Solar Street Light
all in two solar street lightB Series 60~80W Solar Street Light

All in Two Solar Street Light – B Series, 70W~100W Solar Panel, Install 6~8 meter Height Pole

With Lithium-ion LiFePO4 battery, High efficiency monocrystalline silicon Solar Panel, Die-Casting Aluminum Housing
  • Power40W40W60W60W80W80W
  • LED Chip:Philips 3030 SMD
  • Beam Angle155°X 80°
  • IP RateIP66
  • Voltage:DC 12V / DC 3.2V
  • MaterialDie-Casting Aluminum Housing, LiFePO4 Battery, High Brightness LED Chip, UV Resistant PC Lens, Stainless Screw
  • CertificateCE, RoHS, IK09
  • Warranty3 years
  • Lighting CurveBat Wing / Rectangular Beam
  • ApplicationsHighways, public streets, housing complexes, runways, stadiums, backyards, parks, private gardens, pavements, tourist spots, decks, playgrounds, airports, construction sites, school and college buildings, small and medium businesses and remote areas and villages.
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B Series All in One Solar Street Light Video Show:

B Series Solar LED Street Light Parameter:

Model No.:Solar Panel ParameterLEDs Qty.BatteryLamp SizeGross WeightMounting Height
50W / 6V
60pcs Philips 303040AH -3.2V520*210*100mm8.3 kg5~7m
70W / 6V
100pcs Philips 303060AH-3.2V600*255*150mm13 kg6~8m
100W / 6V
100pcs Philips 303080AH-3.2V600*255*150mm15 kg6~8m

Products Features

Solar Street Lights make full use of energy from the sun – high efficiency mono solar panel with Bracket, then LED source, intelligent controller, lithium battery are all in One. It uses excellent practical control technology such as controller with micro radar sensor, human infrared induction/microwave motion sensor, etc., combined with a simple integrated structural design, perfect for achieving higher brightness and lower power consumption . Long lifespan and free maintenance, strong waterproof and heat dissipation, and easy installation at the same time.Integrated Style Design, which is Simple, Fashionable, Portable & Practical;

With Solar Energy to Supply the Power, Protection of the Earth Resources;

With Lithium-ion LiFePO4 battery to Ensure a Longer Lifespan;

Without Cable, Easy for Installation; Waterproof, Safe and Reliable;

With the idea of modular design,convenient for Installation, Maintenance and Repair;Using Aluminum alloy as the main body material,with good rust and corrosion Resistance

solar street light remote controller
all in two solar street light
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solar street light factory
solar street light factory
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