Analysis 1000W High Mast LED Light for Football Stadium

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Green Tech Lighting Highmast led lights provides optimum visibility without glare or shadows offering an enhanced player experience. Our floodlights ensure players perform at their best and reduce the risk of injury.

In addition, all our lighting systems meet the requirements of international sporting bodies.

Our led football light utilize the advanced technologies of Philips. We can provide a detailed site specific light design that maximises visibility, reduces glare and allows athletes to play better and play safer.

1000w LED high mast lights , it can replace 2000W~3000W metal halide light, it is one of the feature products of Green Tech Lighting, it features with high light efficiency, up to 150lm/w. It is widely used football pitch, stadium, tennis court , basket ball court and other sport field.
1000W High Mast LED Light Parameter

Items No.BF-1000W
Material1070 Aluminum heat sink, better heat dissipation
LEDEMC 5050 or Cree XTE
Beam Angle25° & 45° & 60° & 60°*145°
Work VoltageAC100-240V 50/60Hz
CCT3000, 4000K, 5700K
CertificateCE+ RoHS
Lifetime50,000 Hours
IP RatingIP65

What’s The Lighting Requirement Of Football Stadium Lights?

1.Lux Level (Brightness)

First things we need know the Lux Level, Television or non TV broadcast?

The lux level standard is different between  Television or non TV broadcast competitions.

According to the FIFA’s stadium lighting guide,

the class V (i.e. international televised such as World Cup) football field has the highest standard level of 2400 lux (vertical – face of football players), and 3500 lux (horizontal – the turf).

If the football field is for community (recreational use), we need 200 lux level. The high school or college football club can have 500 lux.

football stadium DIAlux simulation
football stadium DIAlux simulation

2.Uniformity Standard

Another important parameter is lighting uniformity.

It is a scale from 0 to 1 (max) reflecting the distribution of lumen across the sports field.

It is the ratio of minimum illuminance to average illuminance (U1), or ratio of minimum to maximum (U2).

Hence, if the lux level is quite similar, says around 650 to 700 lux, the difference between minimum and maximum value is very small, and the uniformity will be closer to 1. The lighting uniformity of the FIFA standard football stadium is 0.7, which is relatively challenging in the sports lighting industry.

3.Beam angle

For the big football stadium, the poles always far away from the play pitch, so we need choose the best beam angle, we have 10°/45°/60°/90°beam angle option.

4.Color Temperature

The general color temperature requirement of football ground is larger than 4000K for all classes. But we usually use 5000-6000K color temperature to provide better illumination for the players and audience because these colors are more invigorating.

What’s The Most Easily Neglected Problem?

Artificial shadows on the pitch caused by floodlighting systems detract from visual clarity for both spectators and television broadcasters.

The shadows impinge upon the viewing experience and should be eliminated where possible or reduced to soft shadows.

During the pitch illuminance design process, it is important to evaluate the production of player shadows and eliminate any hard shadows. This will generally be done by using multiple light sources from various locations for each area of the pitch.

This will mean that shadows are reduced and players will benefit from good illuminance modelling around their entire bodies. This will be essential to provide the adequate vertical illuminance and uniformity on all planes.

football stadium DIAlux simulation

The image above demonstrates the impact of player shadows on a football pitch.

In some stadiums, the existing infrastructure will mean that a four-corner tower/column floodlighting system is the only viable option in terms of the pitch lighting design. Corner tower illuminance systems will generally produce hard shadows, which will vary in different areas of the pitch. With this type of installation, it is not possible to produce consistently soft shadows.

football stadium DIAlux simulation

The image above is an example of the soft shadows created by an effective solution involving multiple light sources from different locations.

football stadium DIAlux simulation

The image above is an example of hard shadows in the goal area. Shadows should be reduced where possible, while ensuring that players are not hindered by discomfort glare.

Why Choose us ?

Green Tech produce LED flood light for football field from 500W-1000W. You can choose the power according to your needs.

1000W high mast light for stadium application

1.Optical Technology

The most nature color with professional optical light distribution technology.

The most stable and accurate wavelength

The most efficient chips

With advanced calculus light distribution, controlling 98% light beam with pinpoint precision without creating glare or off-site spill

2. Cooling Technology

With 4D heat dissipation technology,

Junction temperature< 65℃, heat energy can be released quickly. 80% of others on the market junction temperature>100℃.

For the LED light, if junction temperature>70℃, lights decay fall so quick and affect the lifespan.

Apart from chip heat dissipation, we also ensure that each component’s temperature difference is <3%, thus ensuring LED life and overall performance. Our lifespan>80,000hours, if the lights working 5 hours per day, then can working for 43 years.

3. Anti-glare

Glare means the strong light that make the players or audience feel discomfort or even irritated. Especially for high power LED lights, if there is no special design on the LED chips, people may feel dazzling when looking at the lights. We have the patented design on the anti-glare lens that reduce the dazzling effect by 40%.

4. Flickering Free

This feature is important for professional sports courts that hold televised competition. Fluorescent and metal halide lights are susceptible to flickering under camera because of the brightness significantly fluctuate under low frequency. This greatly affect the user experience because of uneven brightness.

Nonetheless, the new generation LED lights are compatible to 6000 Hz slow motion camera and the fluctuation rate is less than 0.3% (based on maximum lumen).

5. Convenient maintenance

Have you ever worried that the lights will be installed in very high place, if they are unforeseeable damaged, how to maintain it or how to replace it?

Ours are patent signal module design, one LEDs failed won’t affect others. Instead of removing the entire light, we can just replace the broken unit (or module) by simple soldering.

6.  Avoid Spill Light (Especially for Residential Areas)

Light pollution affects the daily lives of surrounding residential areas, and the strong lights may also blur the vision of the road users nearby.

According to the international standard, the brightness of the spill light should not exceed 10 to 25 lux. By having the comprehensive lighting design, we can suppress the unwanted light in the greatest extent.

7. Special Consideration

One of our clients told us that there are many tiny birds nesting on the luminaries because of the warmth.

If the bird’s nest on the heat sink, and the temperature is too high, It’s easy to cause a fire!

Think about if the high mast light near the gas station, near the sea port, and a fire in a bird’s nest fall down, what will happened?

Our frame and heat sink of lights have special surface treatment, electrophoresis and dusting which have Insulation function.

high mast light fireproof

8. Wind resistance

When we are designing the product, we are also considering the small wind resistance. In the current market, only a few company will think about this factor.

9. Free DIAlux simulation

We are not only provide the lights, also you can enjoy our free professional DIAlux simulation services.

We know that each ball field will have different lighting requirement such as the number of poles, height of poles, brightness lux requirement, anti-glare, flicker-free or other special lighting needs of outdoor or indoor sports court.

We can satisfy your needs because we can offer tailor-made LED lighting for the court for you without any additional cost.

DIAlux simulation for high mast light

10. Warranty

Before buying the LED lights, it is highly recommended to have a look at the warranty period. We provide 5 years warranty, any quality issue within 5 years, we will take care all the cost, including the shipping cost.

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