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Shenzhen Green Tech Lighting Co.,Ltd was founded in 2008, Certified with ISO9001:2008 management system. We are professional Outdoor lighting manufacturer in the LED semiconductive lighting industry who has been all the time devoted to the research, development, manufacturing, selling and design of LED Street Lamp, Solar Street Light, High Mast Light, LED Flood Light. Through hard working and continuous innovation, we have earned good reputation as one of the larger suppliers in China.
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About Shenzhen Green Tech Lighting
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Guide to High Mast led lights, Why Choose our Led High Mast Lighting?
High mast led lights are high illumination poles with lighting fixtures connected on top aiming downwards to the ground. The illumination poles are normally 30 meters high and also the
Abstract: LED street lights open the door to a wide array of innovative capabilities that significantly reduce energy consumption and facilitate IoT implementation.