Why Do LED Street Lights Flicker? Solutions for flickering LED street lights

Why Do LED Street Light Flicker? Solutions for flickering LED street lights


LED street lights outdoor are now the most popular choice for road lighting, thanks to the rapid advancement of LED technology. They use less power than normal street lights, are brighter, and last longer. So LED street lighting has been widely used in the lighting industry. After many years of technology accumulation, LED street lighting is now mature. But many users complain that LED street lights can be difficult to use. Sometimes LED street lamps flicker when we walk on the streets at night. This causes poor lighting effects. Why do LED street lights flicker? In this article, we will discuss the causes and solutions together.

Why do LED street lights flicker?

LED Street Lights Flicker

Flickering refers to the rapid and repeated change in brilliance over time of light. Actually, flickering can occur with almost all lights, including LEDs, halogens, and incandescent. Each light has a different effect. In incandescent and halogen lamps, for example, the filament temperature reacts slowly with changes in current. Therefore, flickering isn’t noticed. The LED lights react quickly to current changes so that the flickering will be more obvious. Flickering street lights irritate the eyes and alter the lighting effect. So why do LED street lights flicker? There must be several reasons for this.

1. LED driver power supply

A constant current power supply is the most common power source for LED street lights. The constant current power supply works in a basic mode. It adjusts the output voltage continuously to ensure constant current when the internal resistance of the LED lamp beads changes. Once this limit is exceeded, the power supply enters the protection state. This is where the lamp started to flicker.

2. LED light beads

LED beads are also a cause that should be considered. A mismatch between the LED beads and the LED driver power supply can be a nuisance. This can cause LED street lights to flicker. If the current is too strong for the lamp bead to withstand, the light will light up, and the other light will go out. If the power of a lamp bead chip does not suffice, the phenomenon of frequent flashing will occur.

3. Connections or circuits

LED street lights can flicker when there are loose connections or circuits. Poor placement of fixtures at the connection point could cause this. If multiple lights flicker simultaneously, it could indicate a problem with the junction point or panel. This could mean the junction point is loose and needs to be tightened.

4. LED bulbs or fixtures

LED technology is very mature and has been used in many street lighting applications. However, this does not mean that all LED lights are long-lasting and durable. If you choose a cheaper product, the quality may not satisfy you. Cheap LED street light bulbs may cause a range of problems for you. Low-quality LED bulbs with low-quality drivers are more susceptible to flickering problems than high-quality ones. High-quality bulbs will cost more but are cheaper in the long term.

5. Waterproofing

Another easily overlooked issue is waterproofing. LED street lights flicker can be attributed to the fact that the lamp was not waterproof. If the lamp bead is broken or the power supply is damaged, it can cause flickering and should be fixed immediately.

6. Power wattage

Your LED street lamp’s power wattage can affect how it functions, especially for cheap drivers. An appliance with a high-power load connects to your LED lamp’s circuit. Better drivers will normalize the output of the LEDs. Others may not. Drivers can be damaged and eventually fail if they are subject to repeated surges.

7. Dimmers

Placing the LED lights in a circuit with incompatible dimmer switches will also cause flicker problems. Dimmer switches work in a way that the power to the bulbs is turned on and off multiple times per second. This mechanism is not compatible with LED lights. So if they are combined, the lights will flicker.

Solutions for flickering LED street lights

LED street lighting, like all new technologies, is not without its challenges, such as the problem of flickering lights. Although flicker problems are normal, they can have a harmful effect over time. Street lights are the main source of outdoor lighting. Poor lighting conditions can be dangerous for the eyes and body. This also can lead to insomnia and other conditions for the surrounding residents. This issue should be addressed. Here are some methods to help you get started.

The first thing that should be determined is whether the flicker in the LED street lamp is caused by the driver power supply or the LED beads. If there is a problem, you need to replace them. Sometimes the fault will cause the street lamp to flicker even after it has been turned off. You should examine the problem to determine if it is a problem with the line. This should be addressed immediately to prevent any safety incidents. The LED street lights may produce a self-induced current if the circuit inspection finds no problems. The problem can be fixed by connecting the relay to the coil and the lamp in series.

How to avoid flickering led street light problems?

  • Choose better LED drivers

Constant drivers can reduce power current peaking, which eliminates flickering. Choose a lamp that has a suitable drive element to isolate the noise and stabilize the power supply.

  • Choose high-quality LED bulbs or fixtures

Be aware that cheap is not good enough. Choose better quality products that will benefit you in the long run. Although LED flicker might seem minor, many LED street light manufacturers are aware of this and working to create warm and flicker-free LED lighting. Therefore, it is important to choose a reliable manufacturer of outdoor LED street lights. They will assist you in selecting the best fit for your outdoor lighting requirements.

  • Check the voltage issue

Don’t forget to address voltage variations. This can be done during wiring. Voltage change can occur due to multiple LED street lights being used simultaneously. This can cause your LED light to flicker. To avoid flickering, you should ensure that the current is sufficient to power all.


After reading this blog, do you already know about the knowledge of flickering street lights LED? Stable LED street lighting is essential for night lighting. And any number of quality issues with LED street lights can lead to a lackluster lighting effect and a lot more trouble for future maintenance and replacement. Therefore, choose a company that provides high-quality LED lighting fixtures. In addition to this, regular maintenance and inspection are a must. In the event of any problems, be sure to seek the help of a professional or your manufacturer.

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