Top LED Chip Brands for Solar LED Street Light, High Mast Light

top led chip for led streetlight

Ok, let’s go straight to our topic today, top manufacturer of led chip.

When you were asking the LED chip for the led Street Light, solar street light,  outdoor flood lights, led high bay lamp, high mast light or other led products.  Usually, you will get the follow answer, there are the most common answer you get from the salesmen.

Epistar ,Cree, Nichia, Philips Lumileds Chip, Bridgelux Chip, San’an Chip

    We will analyze them one by one, so that you can understand the secret of led chip.

    Cree LED CHip
    nichia led chip
    Osram led chip
    Edison led chip
    Bridgelux led chip

    Epistar Chip

    If the manufacture told you that the chip is from Epistar. Possibly, he was lying to you. Because they actually was using San’an. So, why the manufacture cheat their clients?

    It is because most clients will think that Epistar chip is more reliable, but the truth is that San’an chip has the same quality as Epistar chip for general lighting. So, you don’t worry about the quality and stability. Actually, San’an is the biggest led chip manufacture in China mainland.

    Cree and Nichia Chip

    If the manufacture told that their products were using Cree ,  or Nichia chip, they are telling you the truth. You don’t need to doubt that, because the price of those chip are higher than others, and it is easy to buy these led. There is no need to cheat you.

    Bridgelux Chip

    This chip is more common on the COB, and it is a big brand from USA. There is only one thing you need to pay attention on Bridgelux.  When someone was telling that it is from Bridgelux chip, it is better that you ask him one more question. Is the package also by Bridgelux ? Because the price would be different if the package was doing by Bridgelux.

    Philips Chip

    Today, many many led manufacturers are using Philips 3030 SMD on their products, led Street Light, solar street light,  outdoor flood lights, led high bay lamphigh mast light, and other industrial lighting. And many big China package factories also produce this type of SMD with very reliable quality.

    So, you can relax that if the manufactures told you that they are using Philips 3030 SMD.

    San’an Chip

    This  is the biggest Chip manufacturer in China mainland. If a salesman was telling you that they are using San’an chip, congratulation, you are meeting a honest man, and I think he is very confidence on the quality of their product. Just give him a chance and try their product.

    Some of you will say, ok, now I already know about those chip after reading this article. But, how can I recognize the chip exactly ?

    The best and the only reliable way is to send the sample to the original manufacturer, and asking them to help to check the authenticity. But this procedure will take you a long time, and not every company provide the service.

    So, for the general lighting product, our suggestion is that just try to buy some samples to test, no matter what kinds of chip, the technology is already very mature. There is no need to pay much worry on that.

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