Difference between Split, All in two and All in One Solar Street Light: 7-point Comparison

Difference between Split, All in two and All in one solar street light

All in Two solar street light
The battery and the LED light source are integrated together, the solar panel is separated, and the LED light source is not extended outwards.

Split solar street light
Battery, solar panel and LED light source are separated. The arm of the light pole extends the LED light source about 1m~1.5m, the solar panel is installed on the top of the light pole, and the wire is 8-25m long to connect all parts. The battery is buried or hung on a light pole, the battery can be easily stolen.

All in One solar street light
The solar panel, battery, and light source are integrated, easy to install, the solar panel cannot adjust the angle

ItemAll in one solar street lightAll in two solar street lightSplit Solar Street Light
Arm Extension√ Long× Short√ Long
Solar Panel Adjustable× Not Adjustable√ Adjustable√ Adjustable
Heat Dissipation× Bad√ Good√ Good
Installation Difficulty√ Easy√ Easy× Difficult
Total Cost√ Lowest√ Low× High
Circuit Resistance√ Low√ Low× High
Battery Anti-theft√ Anti-theft√ Anti-theft× Not Anti-theft

The main differenceSolar panel angle adjustable, internal circuit resistance, installation difficulty, heat dissipation, arm extension, battery anti-theft,
Total Cost: product cost + labor installation cost + transportation cost + aftersale cost

1. Arm Extension
Generally, street lights will have a support arm to extend the LED light source to the inside of the road, so that a better light distribution area can be obtained on the road.

solar street light Arm extension

2. Solar panel angle adjustable
In the northern hemisphere, the solar panel needs to face south; in the southern hemisphere, the solar panel needs to face north. And the higher the latitude, the greater the tilt angle of the solar panel. This can improve the efficiency of sunlight absorption

3. Heat dissipation
Heat will cause the lifespan and light efficiency of the LED lamp bead to decrease, as well as the lifespan and capacity of the battery. Solar energy is exposed to direct sunlight, and the highest temperature can reach 90 degrees Celsius in summer. It is of great significance to isolate the hot solar panel from the battery and LED lamp beads as much as possible for heat dissipation.

4. Installation difficulty
Simple installation can reduce installation errors, fast construction speed, and save labor costs.

5. Internal circuit resistance
Solar street lights are low-voltage products, and the internal resistance of low-voltage products accounts for a large proportion of power consumption. The batteries, wires, and controllers in the entire circuit are also resistors. The longer the wires, the greater the resistance. Therefore, the wires of low-voltage products should be as short as possible to reduce power loss.

6. Total cost
The comprehensive cost includes product cost + labor installation cost + transportation cost+aftersale cost. Although the product cost of split solar street lights is relatively low, the labor installation cost and transportation cost are relatively high, so the comprehensive cost of split solar street lights is the highest.

7. Battery anti-theft
The most valuable part of solar street lights is the battery. In many countries, split solar street lights can easily be removed and stolen because the battery is separated. The batteries of all in one and all in two solar street lights are integrated in the lamp shell, not easily stolen.

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