Lighting Range and illuminance Analyisis for Solar Street Lights

The Lighting Range andl iluminance for Solar Street Lights

The Lighting Range and LUX for Solar Street Lights, this is a very important information for solar street lights. It’s concerning about how many solar lights are needed your street, which watt, how high and how far should you install the lights. All clients care about but few thows it. However, each quotation of our solar street lights are including these info., did you notice that?

illuminance for Solar Street Lights

Let me share you the useful info. here for your reference:
There is a simple way to know the Lighting range:
Crosswise Lighting range=Pole height*2.5*2
(It determines the installation distance bettween lights. Normally, we suggest to make it 5-10M overlapped to make sure the lighting effect.)
Lengthways Lighting range=Pole height*1.5 (It determines how wide a road could be covered.)

A table of Lighting range and LUX for your reference:

In LED lighting industry, we have professional tool DIALUX to simulate the actual lighting effect according to the IES file of street lights.
We can see if your installation design is appropriate.
For Instance: 120W All in one solar street lights installed on 10M height and with 50M distance as bellow, the distance is so long that cause a long dark area too.
– It’s not appropriate for the actual lighting.

Another Example: 12PCS 120W All in one solar street lights with ring mounted on 30M height. Lighting effect as bellow, this case is suit for the places of the square/park lighting.

Would you also like to know weather your design appropriate for your project? Contact me for help

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