Is Meanwell Driver the Best Driver for LED Street Light, High Mast Light ?

Meanwell Driver for led street light

I hope you will agree with me when I say,

Driver is the most important for the led product, or is it ?

Well, there is only ONE problem. Finding the “best” led driver isn’t an easy job.

Everybody should know Meanwell driver and Philips Driver, the famous brand from Taiwan. Some of the guys said the quality is not so good as before after they moved the factory to China mainland, but it is still good.

But is Meanwell driver the best driver in led market ?

My answer is yes and no.

Ok, let me explain on this.

For the industrial led lighting products,

We have seen that Meanwell driver is the most common led driver for the China manufacturer, especially for the power consumption more than 100W. For example, led high bay lights led high mast lighting, led flood lights and led street light.  And the popular items used on these products are HLG series, HBG series ( used on the led low bay) . According to the most clients’ feedback, the defected rate is very low if the products used Meanwell driver.

But for the power consumption lower than 100W, most China factories will choose the domestic brand driver, why?

  • In order to get a more competitive price.
  • The technology and quality for these brands are already very stable under 100W.

Therefore, usually, they will use the brand like Songsheng, Moso, Inventronics, Lifund  or Kaisheng, etc. And again, don’t worry about the quality, the market and the result already told you the truth.

However, with the competition growing on the led market, more and more clients are requesting a better price, so they start to test the higher power from these brands. And so far, we haven’t heard the massive defected rate from any brands.

So, if your clients are requesting a lower price, perhaps, you can try China mainland brands driver, starting with small quantity at first.

For the commercial led lighting products

The power consumption of commercial led lighting products usually is under 50W, and the products include T8 led tube, led panel light, led downlights, surface mounted led downlight, led ceiling spotlights etc.  So Meanwell is not the common driver in this market.  But some of the clients will have the demand to use LPF series Meanwell driver for the led panel light for the high class application.

Since the technology and the quality is very mature for these small power driver, so there are many brands in China mainland. Some of them are even producing by the small factories with poor quality, so, you need to pay more attention to ask the brand of the driver, and it is better to ask the sales to provide the related certification, such as TüV, CE or UL.

Here, we would like to list the most common brands for the commercial products for your reference, they are Lifund, Xiezhen, Eagle rise, Fahold, KG-power, Longood, etc. ( These brands didn’t pay any ads fee right there, so this is unbiased recommend, haha…)


Driver and the led component are the most important two parts for the led products. After reading above article, I think you already know how to talk with the sales for the driver in the future. But please note that led component  also plays a critical role in the led products, so, in the next article, we will write another article about the China mainland led component manufacturer.

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