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Luminous Zebra Crossing, Intelligent Zebra Crossing, LED Brick Light for Zebra Crossing

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Luminous Zebra Crossing, Intelligent Zebra Crossing, LED Brick Light for Zebra Crossing.

LED Safety Pavement Traffic Light, ground pedestrian light, For the prevention of road accidents to pedestrians. 

1Application background:
With the development of social economy and the migration of population to cities, cars have gradually entered thousands of households, and the number of families with cars has increased. With the popularity of smart phones, Twitter, Whatsapp, Skype, Youtube, Facebook, Webchat, Weibo, and Android & iphone Software. are becoming more and more. More and more people like to play mobile phones at any time, any place, more and more " phubber ". Therefore, the traffic accidents of pedestrians and vehicles on zebra crossing are more and more frequent.
The existing pedestrian traffic light installed on the pole has very limited function of prompting, which can no longer meet the current needs:
a. Pedestrian traffic lights are hung on the side above the opposite side of the road. Pedestrians need to look up to see clearly the color displayed by the traffic lights. When there are large vehicles passing by, or when there is a lot of traffic (due to height difference), they often cannot see the color displayed by the traffic lights on the opposite side of the road;
b. The number of mobile phone bow heads is increasing;
c. In case of heavy fog, rainy day and severe ice and snow weather;
d. At the same time, Pavement Traffic Light can also provide warning function for motor vehicle drivers at night to slow down the vehicle in advance.
e. Make people easily get traffic signals at traffic lights and cross the road safely.
Traffic accident prevention facility is needed urgently for pedestrians and the vulnerable.
I  Need to improve the visibility and discernment of pedestrians signal at night;
II  Need to have the secondary information provider that lets the pedestrians on crossing
know the current status of pedestrian signal;
III  Need to have pedestrian safety facility that clearly shows the boundary line between the road &the sidewalk, which pedestrians comply to the signal better for safety reinforcement.

Products Feature :

Tri-waterproof-IP 67, Anti High Strength Compression and Vibration, Auto Dimming

1 Special Design for Zebra Crossing Pedestrian, Our products with high brightness, can also play an eye-catching role in the daytime, with 510nm Green and 625nm Red light, good color uniformity, soft, not dazzling . The Light with the maximum brightness at daytime. automatically dimming to 30% at night by photosensitive.

2 Unique circuit design, when One LED chip is damaged, it affects only one single LED, and will not cause dark area .

3 Anti high strength compression and vibration: use 10mm frosted tempered glass, the surface is designed to prevent slippery; Design of rubber spring for buffer the pressure when car running over the Product.

4 The embedded parts easy for maintenance , designed by self-locking. When the product is replaced for repaired, Just slide the lamp bar and take it out. The bottom of embedded parts is designed Hollow out, so the requirement for flatness of groove bottom is not high.

5 IP66 Power Supply, response time<100ms, without delay, synchronized with pedestrian traffic lights;

6 Best heat sink with unique buried ventilation holes; Warranty> 2 years.

7 Novelty design with beautiful appearance, covered by 304 stainless steel surface. Friction can make it glossy.

8 Tri-Waterproof treatment: PU Glue filling + DOW CORNING(USA) + silicone waterproof ring, IP Grade: IP67.

9 Working Voltage:DC36V, Isolated Power Supply to ensure safety.

10 Power:6W~20W, Red: 20W, Luminous Flux>800lm, Green: 20W, Luminous Flux>1000lm.

2System Diagram:

Status of Pedestrian Safety Facility

Various facilities for vehicles                Facility for pedestrians: Only one place=> Truly  lacking  
Phubber  Increasing

Status of Traffic Accident on Crosswalk

Expected Effect – Comparing Before or After:
Increasing 35% of visible range at night. Taking a role of psychological line that will not let people step on the LED Pavement Light.

Operating pattern interconnected with pedestrian signal – Using ‘RED’ or ‘Green’  Pavement Light
a Control jaywalking due to the role of the psychological line Secure visibility in case of night time or bad weather – minimize crosswalk accidents at night;
b. Traffic accident prevention: school zone, senior zone, children zone, Advanced prevention: the elderly in the aging society, children, the vulnerable;
c  Secure safe crossing due to having secondary device of pedestrian signal;
d. Prevent accidents involved with the increased usage of smart phone, (92.7% rate of smart phone possession on the end of 2016)
e. Contribute to decreasing socio-economic losses from traffic accidents; Annual socio-economic losses: approximately U$ 2.1 billion;
f.  Advanced prevention due to securing visible crosswalk for drivers;
g. As secondary safety facility that controls jaywalking and secures visibility for the vulnerable (people with amblyopia or low vision) and pedestrians.
3. Projects

4Product Structure &Size:


Construction Guidance:
The project has following stages: hardware equipment in place, Broken Road cutting slot, put embedded parts  installation, debugging, acceptance and other works. The total duration is 1-3 working days.
  1. Pavement grooving: The slot size of zebra crossing is 1 m, 2 m, 3 m 4 m and other length, 115 mm in width and 88 mm in depth. As illustrated. The location of slotting is usually for pedestrians waiting or the first zebra crossing.

Laying of embedded parts: The embedded parts are put into the cement groove. If the slot space is too large, the two sides of the embedded parts are smoothed with cement paste appropriately.

3 Routing Wire: The wire can go from the bottom of the embedded parts. During maintenance and replacement, only push the light bar to the corresponding direction to take it out (Note: during installation, take out the light bar to the side)
Power supply Install: The size of power supply is 26 cm length, 6 cm width and 5.5 cm height. The power supply is encapsulated with full-filling silica gel.  waterproof grade IP66 . The power supply is slim type, which can be plugged into the lamp pole or the signal lamp shell, or install a control box on the lamp pole. Pay attention to the waterproof of the high-voltage terminal wiring to avoid leakage.
Connect Power Supply: Each power supply can connect 1~8 meter strip light, it can take 220V AC electricity direct from pedestrian light, Photosensitive are inside the power supply .  Sensor Wire can extend to 9 meter.
Output Pull a 3-core 1.0 flat Wire from the power supply. The Strip Light is connected in parallel.
Each Strip Light Configured with a three-way waterproof connector. After wiring, please remember to glue the waterproof connector to avoid electrolytic oxidation of the copper wire when soaking in water.
The input is 4-core wire, Brown Wire is connected with zero L line, Blue Wire is connected with Green light, Black Wire is connected with Red light, and yellow&green Wire is the shell ground.
 Output is 3-core wire, yellow green is +36V, Blue Wire is green light, Brown Wire is red light
6 Photoresistor: When Luminous <20luxAuto regulation of output voltage
    The Photoresistor Wire can be cut and extended freely. cutting it is dark mode, and the short it is high brightness mode.

7 NotesPlease consult the technicians of Fama about the number of Strip Light connected to each zebra crossing. Maximum power of each Strip light is 20W, if the power is over 2000W, Please Note the Max load of traffic signal controller
Packing Info.:
Net Weight: Strip Light:6.5kg      Embedded parts:5kg 
GW..: 12kg      Packing Size:1050mm(L)* 120mm(W)* 120mm(H)
Power Supply N.W.: 1kg        Power Supply Size: 260*60*55mm

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