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All-in-One Solar Street Lights, a Technological Breakthrough

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Update time : 2021-05-15 16:32:14
All-in-One Solar Street Lights, a Technological Breakthrough
In the world of today, there’s considerable concern relating to environmental issues and the possible future outcome if we don’t take this seriously. Since there is increasing support for green energy worldwide, the enhancement of the all-in-one solar street light industry is a definite success. This street light system is gaining a lot of popularity. Let’s have a closer look at how this technological innovation can prove to be beneficial for everyone.
Developments in the technology of photovoltaic panels, as well as LED bulbs, have resulted in an increase in demand for solar-powered lighting. Renewable solar energy has vast environmental and economic benefits to offer in the form of solar-powered street lights; something that the old standard street lamps certainly don’t provide.
Solar street lights are composed of four principal parts: a solar panel, rechargeable battery, lighting fixture, and a pole. Furthermore, solar LED lights are of two different kinds, in accordance with their design structure. Traditional solar lights are mainly characterized by having their panels, fixtures, and various accessories all wired together. The innovative all-in-one solar street lights have the solar panel, PIR motion sensor, die casting cap, LED source, and angle shifter integrated into the pole. As time goes on, there is a tendency for solar lights to become more affordable; increasing the willingness of people to introduce cost-effective all-in-one integrated solar street light in place of old street lamps. Other reasons for this preference may include the following:
Long service life
Apart from being exceedingly efficient, all-in-one solar street lights last longer and have very low, if any, maintenance requirements. The reason for this is that traditional solar street lights use lead-acid batteries for power storage, whereas all-in-one street lights make use of lithium batteries. Lithium has a three times greater capacity of charging and discharging than that of lead-acid; this gives the lithium batteries a longer life span. Moreover, lead-acid batteries have reduced function in conditions of extreme cold weather; when temperatures fall below 5 ̊C. Lithium batteries work to their fullest even when the temperature drops to as low as -20 ̊C.
Easy installation
Integrated solar street lights have quick and easy installation as everything (the solar panel, battery, LED lamp, controller, and smart sensor) is placed together. This makes it possible for easy, cable-free installation that can be performed by 2 or 3 people without requiring any cranes or special equipment. All-in-one solar street lights are smaller and a lot lighter than the non-integrated type of solar street lights.The entire installation procedure saves considerable time and money. This involves three simple steps: dig the cage, install the lighting box, and erect the pole. The kit includes all the required accessories and can be easily installed on both new or old poles, or if required, even on walls. It is worth mentioning that an easy installation procedure allows for a reduction in the overall cost of a project. The average cost of traditional solar street lighting installation is around 40 to 60 percent higher than that of all-in-one integrated solar street lights.
Convenient in emergency situations
There is no doubt about the fact that all-in-one solar lighting is a highly reliable energy source in conditions of emergency. No matter whether the emergency situation is confined to a particular area or is widespread, such as natural disasters, all-in-one solar lighting can continue functioning effectively in severe and arduous conditions.
Lower shipping costs
The fact that integrated solar street lights are smaller in size, as well as being less heavier than split type solar lights, contributes to a significant reduction in shipping costs. In some cases, this may be as much as one-fifth of the cost incurred for the shipment of the split type solar lights.
Favorable for the environment
Having a preference for solar street lights is the ideal way of contributing to the world’s environment. Solar power is looked upon as being one of the cleanest sources of energy; it’s natural so this makes it pollution-free as well as free of other harmful emissions like carbon dioxide.

Apart from all this, all-in-one solar street lights conveniently switch off on their own during daytime; when they recharge and gradually switch on as night draws near. The working distance of the built-in infrared sensor is about 7 to 10 meters. There is an automatic adjustment of the lamp’s brightness once motion is detected. All-in-one solar street lights are the preferred choice for brightening pathways, playgrounds, car parks, courtyards, entrances, peripheries, and remote areas that don’t have proper wiring conditions.
Solar energy, unlike coal and oil, is renewable; receiving official recognition by many governments that are choosing to fully support solar projects. The future is all set for the replacement of electric lights by solar lights. So, why wait till the last…move forward with your own plan for solar street light installation today.
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