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Quality Control

Quality is the Cornerstone of survival for Enterprise.
In order to continuously enhance the quality of management and meet customers' needs, We have passed through the ISO9001 quality anagement system certification in all of our company products are produced through standard procedures conducted by trained staffs.
We offer top of the line LED street light & Outdoor Light. Our products are made of very durable materials that can stand even the harshest weather conditions. We also guarantee the lasting durability of our products. If you need High Power LED lights that can stand the test of time and nature, we are the company that can provide you with that requirement. Our products and processes are world-class, because we comply with international Standards of excellence and manufacturing best practices.
Our expert quality control team guarantees the world-class standard of each and every product that we manufacture.

Quality Policy
It is our aim to fully satisfy our customers by meeting or exceeding their needs and expectations and thus be regarded by them as the reliable and superior provider of Outdoor Lighting solutions and services.
To achieve our aim, we will adhere to the following quality principles and practices:
Communicate honestly and promptly with our customers, listen to them carefully and understand their needs thoroughly;
Offer reliable mold design of professionalism by means of computer-aided three-dimensional designing technology, pay attention to every detail in manufacturing and leave no efforts to improve in-process quality control; Develop staff competecies by training program, drive continual improvement and innovation.
QC/Technical Support
We offer complete solution on molding service under ISO9001 application. We use projectors and other testing machinery to ensure the quality precise.
QC Staff10 to 19
Procedures/ Testing Details
Our inspection mainly includes self-testing at every process and testing from next users. CNC procession, EDM procession and grinding are our key testing processes. They are carried out by our experienced QC engineers with high precision 3D projector.
For years, GTL Lighting Co..Ltd has been known as a renowned manufacturer of LED lighting Fixture, profiles of aluminum extrusion, die casting made of aluminum, metal stamping product lines, plastic injection items and precise auto-lathe product lines. Our clear mission is to assure product performance. To accomplish this goal, our company uses raw materials that are compliant with RoHS, ISO standards and compatible with UL certificates. Prompt delivery schedules, high quality product lines, and production processes that are strictly monitored by a highly-trained quality control team are the hallmarks of our company’s most famous products is Outdoor High Power LED light fixture.

Client-friendly Outdoor LED Lights Supplier
Source your LED street light fixture from us and we guarantee product performance to the highest degree of quality. Also, to save you time, effort, and cost, you can avail of all your requirements from us. We have everything you need in Outdoor lights, both in your fixture, housing, and  LED requirements. Our products also come at the best market price. We are aware that quality, durability, and cost are your primary considerations. We are the company that can deliver not only your requirements but also the solutions to your purchase concerns. We are dedicated to serve even the most discriminating clients.
street light constant temperature & hunility test chamber street light high-low temperature impact test chamber street light salt spray test Chamber
Constant Temperature & Hunility
Test Chamber (-50℃~+150℃)
High-Low Temperature impact Test Chamber  (-50℃~+150℃) Salt Spray Test Chamber
street light Vibration testing machine street light Drop test machine street light distribution photometer test
Vibration Testing Machine Drop Test Machine Distribution Photometer Test
street light High pressure waterproof test
Programmable ground resistance test
street light EMC Test
High Pressure Waterproof Test Programmable Ground Resistance Test EMC Test
street light Insulation resistance tester street light Withstand voltage tester
street light Leakage current tester
Insulation Resistance Tester Withstand Voltage Tester Leakage Current Tester
street light integrated sphere tester
street light integrated sphere tester
White balance tester street light
Integrated Sphere Tester Integrated Sphere Tester White Balance Tester


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