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400W High Mast Light-Cu Pipe+Massive Fins AL

Model No.: GTL-H400W

Price: 0~260USD

400W High Mast Light-Cu Pipe+Massive Fins Aluminum

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Powered By: led street light meanwell power supply or GTL
400W Massive Fins Aluminum High Mast LED Light
400W Massive Fins Aluminum High Mast LED Light
500W High Mast Light for Stadium
200W Massive Fins Aluminum LED High Mast Light
led high mast light heatsink
Product Features:
By riveting the copper heat pipe to Fins has 20 times of heat transfer rate over pure aluminum radiator, which helps maximize the cooling area through a combination with the seamless fitting and Fin fastening, massive Fins technology;
Adopting stainless steel parts and components, the whole structure has been treated with protection technology and undergone a 500 hours salt spray test, which boasts outstanding resistance to corrosion and rust and is thus adaptable to poor outdoor environment;
It passed the professional wind tunnel test, anti-level-17 hurricane;
Protection Grade Reaches IP67;
The Lampshade has a built in respirator to clear away the mist and avoid dewing;
With an adjustable angle of 216°, the beaming angle could be adjusted freely.
Lamp Rated luminous efficiency  116.3 lm/W  Output Voltage  42V
 LED luminous efficiency  140~160 lm/W  Output Current  8500mA
 Lamp Total Flux(Tj=60℃,Ta=25℃)  46365 lm  Lamp Power  399.7W
 Lamp's Efficiency  >90%  LED Power  391W
 Power Factor  >0.98  THD  <15%
 Input Voltage  AC85-265V  Warranty  3 Years
 Beam Lighting Angle  100°,90°,60°,45°,25°  Guard Level  IP65
 LED Chip  200pcs Cree XTE  Lifespan  >50,000hrs
 Working Temperature  -30℃ ~ +50℃  CRI  >75
high Mast light Efficient Cooling  Efficient Cooling
 Innovative brass + Fin cooling
 mode, Courier Heat
high Mast light Adjustable Angle  0~216° Adjustable Angle
Free Change the  Irradiation Angle
high Mast light Pure Copper heatpipe  Pure Copper heatpipe
Quick-thermal-conduction nature of 
refrigeration medium. extending the life span.
high Mast light IP65  IP Grade 65
Prevent Dust, Water Intrusion
high Mast light Reflector's Reflective rate  92% Reflective Rate
 Reflector's Reflective rate 
 could reach up to 92%.
high Mast light weight  Light Weight
 High thermal conductivity of Aluminum 
 Shell to create more refined, more compact
high Mast light heatsink design  Professional Heatsink Design
 Fashion, Profession in High 
 Power LED Heatsink Design
high Mast light easy Installation  Easy Assembly
 Screw Lock  & Ease to Installation
 High Mast Light angle  High Mast Light Beam angle
92% reflective rate
Reflector's beam angel 62 °,Reflective rate could reach up to 92%. -Reflector angle 25°,45°,60°,90°,100° choice 

400W High Mast Light installation:

high Mast light installation

400W LED High Mast Light Size:
400W High Mast Light Size
High Mast LED Light Scope of Application:
It's extensively applied in Industrial Workshops, Stadiums, Docks, Golf Courses, Construction Lighting Square...etc.
It can replace the traditional metal halide lamp and high pressure sodium light.
high mast led ligh application
400W High Mast Light ISO Illumination Data: 400W  25°
ISO Illumination Data: 400W -25°
400W High Mast Light ISO Illumination Data: 400W  60°
400W High Mast Light ISO Illumination Data: 400W 60°
400W High Mast Light ISO Illumination Data: 400W  90°
400W High Mast Light ISO Illumination Data: 400W 90°
led high mast light aging
massive Fins Aluminum led high mast light
china street light led street light
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