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PIR 10W Die Casting AL Flood Light

Model No.: LUX-TG10W-A

Price: 0~12USD

10W PIR Die Casting AL Flood Light

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CE-RoHS street light UL China Street Light

: cree led street light

Powered By: led street light meanwell power supply or GTL
10W PIR Die Casting AL Flood Light
10W PIR Die Casting AL Flood Light
10W PIR Die Casting AL Flood Light
10W PIR Die Casting AL Flood Light

Respirator Design led flood light
Tempered Glass Panel led flood light IP65 led flood light
Respirator Design
Balance difference pressure between atmosphere and Shell, it's waterproof also defog and avoiding the drop condensation, reducing the inside salt corrosion and prolong lifespan.
Tempered Glass Panel
4mm tempered glass panel safely protect the lighting source, and the transparent rate is up to 93%.
IP Rate IP65
By using water proof connector and silicon rubber sealing, the protection rate can achieve IP65, meeting the requirement for harsh, tough environment.
Pure Aluminium Reflector led flood light Die-casting Aluminum led flood light cree led flood light
Pure Aluminium Reflector
The Reflector is made of Pure Aluminium(99.8%) which anti-oxidation &unfading in colour, ensuring the reflection. 
Die-Cast Aluminum Housing
It's durable and high performance. Processed by electrophoretic paint, measured by 200 hours salt spray test, the entire housing has excellent corrosion resistance.
Most of the mainstream manufacturers's LED chips and their Chip-Scale Packages are compatible to the structure of the housing,.
Wide Angle adjustment led flood light
Stainless steel fitting led flood light cob led flood light
Wide Angle for adjustment
With multiple adjustment points, the adjustment angle can be up to 280°.
Stainless steel fittings
The Fittings resistance to air, water, acid, alkali, salt and other chemical corrosion solution, suitable for long-term use in a variety of adverse circumstances
We can also customize the installation structure accord to you Chip-Package's Size( COB/SMD3535 ects. ), the housing compatible for different kinds of LED Chip and bracket.
 Lamp Rated luminous efficiency  94 lm/W  Output Voltage  30V
 LED luminous efficiency  >130~160 lm/W  Output Current  350mA
 Lamp Total Flux(Tj=60℃,Ta=25℃)  1109.2 lm  Lamp Power  11.8W
 Lamp's Efficiency  >90%  LED Power  10.3W
 Power Factor  >0.96  THD  <15%
 Input Voltage  AC85-265V  Warranty  3 Years
 Beam Lighting Angle  114.74°*93.13°  Guard Level  IP65
 Light Distribution Curve  Bat Wing  Lifespan  >50,000hrs
 Working Temperature  -30℃ ~ +50℃  CRI  >75
  10W LED Flood Light Exploded View: ( Product Weight: 1000g±5%)
10W LED Flood Light Exploded view
10W LED Flood  Light ISO Illumination Data: 3535 Cree LED
3535 cree led flood light illumination data
10W LED Flood  Light ISO Illumination Data: COB LED
cob led flood light illumination data
 10W LED Flood Light LED Lamp Junction Temperature Test:  LED Average Temperature: 72℃, Heatsink:  58
10W LED Flood Light Temperature Test

10W LED Flood Light Packing Info. :
Inner Packing : 1 Unit/Ctn          Inner Box Size: 18.7*13.2*6cm
Outer Packing: 36 Units/Ctn         Outer Ctn Size: 42cm*39cm*40cm=0.066=0.066m3
Net Weight:=40kg    G.W.=41.5kg   Outer Packing G.W.:41.5kg(36pcs inner box)

10W LED Flood Light Packing Info.

Passive Infrared  Sensor (PIR sensor) Application: Family,company,building,factory,storage room,public ,parking lot ,gas station,square,advertise,lawn,Garden ,road lighting and other lighting places.
PIR led flood light
It's the sensitivity of the detector, normally no need to adjust, if the sensitivity is too strong for you, you can adjust it to the minimum value. 


Can adjust delay time of detector(5±1sec~7±1min) Delay time means when the detector detect Person, How Much time it will be delayed to close itself after that person go out of the detect zone. 

Can switch to day mode or night mode,
A: When switch to the "Sun", the detector will work all day.
B: When switch to the "Moon", the detector will only work at night automatically.
PIR led flood light
Detection Rang:180°;
Detection Distance: Max 12m (@24℃) (Adjustable)
Delay Time: 5sec~7min (Adjustable)
Environmental illumination:2~2000Lux((Adjustable)
Propose Installation Height:1.8m~3m  
PIR led flood light
PIR led flood light
PIR led flood light  PIR led flood light
Do't close to the wind shaking plants or curtains  Do't close to the outlet of air-condition Avoid the postion of reflected marble floor or wails Do't close to glass wall
PIR led flood light
PIR led flood light
PIR led flood light
PIR led flood light
Avoid the places where are easy to shake  Do't face to the place where the cars go through  Avoid the place where has strong airwave  Do't install the height of 5M above 
PIR led flood light
First, adjust the angle you need,finally fasten the flood light swith screws 
PIR led flood light
2,Install the Flood light onto the wall or ground, punch hole on the wall or ground, prepare the expansion screw,and them fasten the flood light 
PIR led flood light
Connect the Power wire from the Main line to the power wire of the lamp, and then make treatment for water resistance, Pls note that the Brown Color wire is Live wire, Blue Wire is Null line, the Yellow&Green Wire is Earth line.
china street light led street light
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